Task Manager DeLuxe

Software for monitoring and tracking activity on your personal computer or network

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    Analysis & Optimization

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    Windows 7 / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 8

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    4.9 (22)

Task Manager Deluxe is a Windows program that provides you with all the features of the built-in Task Manager, but as a standalone program. On every copy of Windows is the Task Manager software, which is accessible through a series of keystrokes and commands. Task Manager Deluxe removes these complicated keystrokes, allowing you to open up an instance of Task Manager in just one simple click. Task Manager Deluxe does everything that the built-in Task Manager can do. From Task Manager Deluxe, you can view every program and process that is currently running on your computer. Not only can you see these processes but you can also terminate them as well. Task Manager Deluxe also lets you view your CPU usage and the programs that automatically launch when you start your computer.

An Improvement on Task Manager in Every Way

Task Manager Deluxe doesn't just provide you with all the abilities of the standard Task Manager; this program goes one step beyond that by offering you additional information about what is happening on your computer. The Network tab allows you to view how your computer's network is being used, showing you the processes that are using your network connection. This tool is invaluable in figuring out what programs are using your bandwidth. There is also a session viewer, which provides details such as the login time of a user on the PC, information on when a user logs out, and any additional status changes that occur. The System Information tab gives you a detailed rundown of every piece of hardware installed on your computer, including the drivers that each device is currently using.


  • Can run on both PCs and laptops due to its low hardware requirements
  • Provides more information than the built-in Task Manager


  • Some Windows 10 users may encounter issues with the program

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